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Workers Compensation

Workers CompensationPiedmont Orthopedics helps injured workers return to work safely and effectively by providing a continuum of services from prevention through comprehensive treatment and education. One of our highly trained orthopedic physicians prescribes and monitors treatment, determines return-to-work status and supervises follow-up care. Physical therapists promote strength, endurance and flexibility. Rehabilitation therapists use work simulation activities to maximize work capacity for the employee.

We begin with an evaluation to:

arrow Assess the patient’s physical capacity.
arrow Provide clear and defensible evaluations.
arrow Focus on case resolution.

We follow with rehabilitation, creating a goal-oriented treatment regimen designed to:

arrow Restore the patient’s physical capacity.
arrow Improve the patient’s physical abilities relative to specific essential job demands.
arrow Meet the patient’s needs and time constraints.

For more information, contact Amy Bishop via phone at (336) 235-4315 or via email at abishop@sosbonedocs.com.