Success Stories

Within 2 weeks of my anterior approach hip replacement surgery, I was back to my normal routine of walking 3 miles in the park every day – and back to work at my job. I would recommend Dr. Blackman to anyone.

-Nancy Geyer
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery
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Mike Hilts is my first choice as a doctor for a client with musculoskeletal challenges that are not being resolved with conservative measures. He is remarkable in his ability to listen to people, to really listen. They all come back and say they felt like they were the only patient on his schedule that afternoon.

-Lorraine Kingham, Physiotherapist at BritPT
Labral tear patient
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Dr. Dean worked very closely with the physical therapist on campus and was very open to communications with me. He wanted to be updated on my status and how the rehab was going. I checked in with him at least every two weeks: Where are my numbers, how are we doing, what are the next steps. The physical therapist spoke to him a lot as well. Their relationship was vital to my rehabilitation.

-Nate Berry
Sports Injuries
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Dr. Yates may be a bone doctor, but he is all heart. The way he chooses to serve the community speaks volumes about his character and about the type of physician he is.

-Katrice Morris, parent of Savannah Childers
student at Haynes-Inman Education Center
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After I met and talked with Dr. Deveshwar, I knew God had a miracle for me. My breathing is now normal, and I have been able to return to my favorite outside activity - mowing the lawn, making my yard the envy of the community. Dr. Deveshwar is my medical angel.

-David Surgeon Jr.
Polymyositis Patient
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