Why Choose Us?

Complete Orthopedic Care for Your Family
Piedmont Orthopedics offers personalized, family-focused orthopedic care on the leading edge of medicine. We are specialists in diagnosing and treating injuries or diseases of the bone, joint, ligament, muscle, nerves and related structures of your body. In short, we provide orthopedic care for your whole body, from your neck to your toes.

Our medical staff includes five orthopedic surgeons, a primary care sports medicine specialist, a physiatrist, a rheumatologist and three physician assistants, enabling us to provide a complete continuum of care.

We provide conservative treatment, including physical therapy and pain relief injections, as well as surgery when necessary. Our goal is to help our patients return to productive, active lives by first, providing them with an accurate diagnosis, and second, providing them with a treatment plan that utilizes current best practices in medicine for their particular condition.

Within 2 weeks of my anterior approach hip replacement surgery, I was back to my normal routine of walking 3 miles in the park every day – and back to work at my job. I would recommend Dr. Blackman to anyone.

- Nancy Geyer, Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery